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The Rural Health Professions Program of The University of Arizona College of Nursing contributes to the pool of doctoral prepared rural primary care providers, specifically nurse practitioners, through innovative educational techniques, engaging clinical residences, and visionary scholarly inquiry.he overarching mission of the program is to maintain a comprehensive rural health professions program (RHPP) within the University of Arizona College of Nursing that contributes to the doctorally prepared rural primary care provider pool through innovative educational techniques, engaging clinical residences, and visionary scholarly inquiry.

RHPP Tenets

The program is designed around the following tenets: (1) Prepare DNP Family Nurse Practitioner Rural Health Scholars; (2) Support rural health interprofessional exchange through collaboration with other rural health profession programs (RHPP) within UAHSC;  and (3) Evaluate program efficacy through various qualitative and quantitate measures.

Program Goals

  • Support and nurture nurse practitioner students' interest in careers in rural settings

  • Support opportunities for students to experience both the challenges and gratification of rural healthcare practice

  • Encourage nurse practitioner students to enter rural primary care practice

Program Details

Each year an informational meeting is held in May and August to explain the Rural Health Professions Program (RHPP) to the first and second year Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) students. DNP students who are interested in the rural focus opportunity submit an application to RHPP director. Only 15 - 25 students are selected for the rural focus opportunity. The RHPP students, who are accepted into the rural focus, engage in course work through their program of study.

In addition to the standard nurse practitioner core coursework, these scholars will receive preparation in rural health policy, rural health theory, and special considerations of rural chronic care. Rural Health Scholars will complete more than 400 hours of direct patient care in a rural setting, complete a rural clinical residency, and conduct a rural focused clinical dissertation.


  For more information contact Molly Hadeed at, RHPP Program Coordinator





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